Visa/Immigration:Leaving the country to get a Visa?

Hi all,

After having the dream of living in colombia for the last 3 years i have finally had chance to make this dream reality. The trouble is i was unable to register on here before i arrived to find out vital information so as a result i only have a 60day tourist visa at the minute.. after going to the DAS (medellin) they told me that to get a Cedula i need to leave the country and re enter which will enable me to get a visa instead of just a tourist stamp. From what i can work out a bus from Medellin to Cucuta is around a 28hour bus journey. Does anyone know of an easier way of getting a visa while in the country without getting Married or getting a chica preggers!

My main target initially is to buy a wreck of an apartment and renovate it as i am in the building trade and is something i can do myself rather than trusting people who maybe dont deserve my trust!
Any advice or stories of people having had similar experiences would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance

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